Piazza Pet of the Week

  Along with collaboration from the PSPCA and 1210 WPHT-AM, Piazza Acura of Reading and the Piazza Auto Group are proud to sponsor the Piazza Pet of
  the Week! The Chris Stigall Show features an adorable cat or dog waiting to be adopted on Wednesday mornings at 7:50am.

  The current adoptable animals are brought to you by the Pennsylvania SPCA. The PSPCA is an independent organization and is not a branch of any other
  humane society. It was founded nearly 150 years ago and they are the largest and most comprehensive humane society in Pennsylvania. They are
  dedicated to improving the lives of animals through their core programs such as the Piazza Pet of the Week.


Check out Rufus in the video below! Colt and Slinky are available for adoption!

Goose is a 7 year old Pit Bull Terrier Mix. Goose loves car rides, pack walks with other dogs, and his shelter friends. Goose is very good on walks and around other pups. His volunteer friends absolutely adore him! He is a little shy around meeting new people, but he is working on it. Goose is not a fan of cats, but he is an ideal candidate for homes with older teens and up. Come meet Goose today!
 Rufus - Adopted!!
Rufus is a two month old Pittie Puppy. He is lovable, playful, and so smart already! Rufus knows his command for sit. Rufus will be at the Trestle Inn Thursday, March 8th from 5-8pm for the PSPCA's Pittie Party! Come meet Rufus and have some fun!
 Riley - Adopted!!
Riley is a sweet and playful 11 month old Shih Tzu Mix. He was unfortunately surrendered to the PSPCA because his owner could no longer care for him. Riley likes to be around other dogs, cats, and children. He can go into homes with children ages six and up! Stop by the PSPCA today to meet this adorable pup!
 Stewie - Adopted!!
Stewie is a 6 year old Boston Terrier Mix. Stewie is house trained, knows his commands, and is excited to meet his new forever family! Stewie is a great candidate for homes with children ages 8 and up. Stewie's previous owner had him since he was a puppy, but could no longer care for him.
 Lloyd - Adopted!!
Lloyd is an 8 year old Labrador Retriever Mix. He came to the PSPCA from a high intake shelter. Lloyd is the sweetest dog! He loves to be around other dogs his size, but he is not a fan of cats or small dogs. Lloyd suffers from Cushings disease as evident by his pot bellied appearance, but it can be treated with medications. Lloyd has a lot of love to offer his forever family!
 Mill - Adopted!!
Mill is a two year old Black Labrador Retriever Mix. Mill is the biggest love! He is sweet and handsome and cannot wait to find his forever family! Mill came to the PSPCA from another shelter. He has been there since December 21st. Come meet Mill today!
 Emmie - Adopted!!
Emmie is a three month old Pittie/Hound Mix. She was transferred to the PSPCA from a high intake shelter. She is wonderful, and will be in foster care until Sunday. Emmie and her brother Indie cannot wait to find their forever homes! Go Eagles!
 Haze - Adopted!!
Haze is a wonderful 4 year old Pittie Mix. He has three legs because his owner intentionally injured Haze. Despite his setbacks, Haze is forgiving and resilient and loves to cuddle! He is super sweet and would fit in a home with older children and calm dogs. Come meet Haze today!
Slinky is a 6 year old Pit Bull. He was rescued from a filthy basement a few weeks ago by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team. Slinky had a bad case of mange, his skin was so itchy it would bleed sometimes, and he was so hungry you could see his bones. Since his rescue, Slinky has been recovering well and is now ready to find his forever home! He has the sweetest personality and would love to meet you.
Colt is a 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier Mix. Colt enjoys a nice walk, but can also relax with the best of them. He likes to take naps in his den and is a big fan of peanut butter. Colt is a real charmer, with his big beautiful eyes and handsome face. He is hoping to charm his way into your life!

Piazza Pet Adoption Update

We want to mention how grateful we are to the PSPCA, WPHT Talk Radio and the families who have stepped up and provided our Piazza Pets with new homes!  We can't thank you enough for all the support you have given our program since its inception over two years ago.  We wouldn't have had the success of placing over a hundred and fifty animals without you!!

The photos below are just some of the pets that have been adopted through the Pet of the Week program. Please click here for more information about the former Piazza Pets.